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Collecting Reactions

D++ comes with many useful helper classes, but amongst these is something called dpp::collector. Collector is a template which can be specialised to automatically collect objects of a pre-determined type from events for a specific interval of time. Once this time period is up, or the class is otherwise signalled, a method is called with the complete set of collected objects.

In the example below we will use it to collect all reactions on a message.

#include <dpp/dpp.h>
/* To create a collector we must derive from dpp::collector. As dpp::collector is a complicated template,
* various pre-made forms exist such as this one, reaction_collector.
class react_collector : public dpp::reaction_collector {
/* Collector will run for 20 seconds */
react_collector(dpp::cluster* cl, snowflake id) : dpp::message_collector(cl, 20, id) { }
/* On completion just output number of collected reactions to as a message. */
virtual void completed(const std::vector<dpp::collected_reaction>& list) {
if (list.size()) {
owner->message_create(dpp::message(list[0].channel_id, "I collected " + std::to_string(list.size()) + " reactions!"));
} else {
owner->message_create(dpp::message("... I got nothin'."));
int main() {
/* Create bot */
/* Pointer to reaction collector */
react_collector* r = nullptr;
/* Message handler */
bot.on_message_create([&](const dpp::message_create_t &event) {
/* If someone sends a message that has the text 'collect reactions!' start a reaction collector */
if (event.msg.content == "collect reactions!" && r == nullptr) {
/* Create a new reaction collector to collect reactions */
r = new react_collector(&bot, event.msg.id);
/* Start bot */
return 0;
The cluster class represents a group of shards and a command queue for sending and receiving commands...
Definition: cluster.h:84
Reaction collector. Collects message reactions during a set timeframe and returns them in a list via ...
Definition: collector.h:238
virtual void completed(const std::vector< dpp::collected_reaction > &list)=0
Return the completed collection.
std::function< void(const dpp::log_t &)> DPP_EXPORT cout_logger()
Get a default logger that outputs to std::cout. e.g.
The main namespace for D++ functions. classes and types.
Definition: appcommand.h:34
@ i_message_content
Intent for receipt of message content.
Definition: intents.h:64
@ i_default_intents
Default D++ intents (all non-privileged intents)
Definition: intents.h:72
@ st_wait
Wait forever on a condition variable. The cluster will spawn threads for each shard and start() will ...
Definition: cluster.h:67
Create message.
Definition: dispatcher.h:1367
message msg
message that was created (sent).
Definition: dispatcher.h:1376
Represents messages sent and received on Discord.
Definition: message.h:1149
std::string content
Definition: message.h:1159
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