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C++ Discord API Bot Library
dpp::sticker Struct Reference

Represents stickers received in messages. More...

#include <message.h>

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Public Member Functions

 sticker ()
 Construct a new sticker object. More...
stickerfill_from_json (nlohmann::json *j)
std::string build_json (bool with_id=true) const
stickerset_filename (const std::string &fn)
 Set the filename. More...
stickerset_file_content (const std::string &fc)
 Set the file content. More...

Public Attributes

snowflake id
 The ID of the sticker. More...
snowflake pack_id
std::string name
std::string description
 description of the sticker (may be empty) More...
std::string tags
std::string asset
 Asset ID. More...
sticker_type type
sticker_format format_type
 type of sticker format More...
bool available
 Optional: whether this guild sticker can be used, may be false due to loss of Server Boosts. More...
snowflake guild_id
 Optional: id of the guild that owns this sticker. More...
user sticker_user
 Optional: the user that uploaded the guild sticker. More...
uint8_t sort_value
 Optional: the standard sticker's sort order within its pack. More...
std::string filename
std::string filecontent

Detailed Description

Represents stickers received in messages.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ sticker()

dpp::sticker::sticker ( )

Construct a new sticker object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ build_json()

std::string dpp::sticker::build_json ( bool  with_id = true) const

Build JSON from this object.

with_idTrue if the ID is to be set in the JSON structure
The JSON text of the invite

◆ fill_from_json()

sticker & dpp::sticker::fill_from_json ( nlohmann::json j)

Read class values from json object

jA json object to read from
A reference to self

◆ set_file_content()

sticker & dpp::sticker::set_file_content ( const std::string &  fc)

Set the file content.

fcraw file content contained in std::string
message& reference to self

◆ set_filename()

sticker & dpp::sticker::set_filename ( const std::string &  fn)

Set the filename.

message& reference to self

Member Data Documentation

◆ asset

std::string dpp::sticker::asset

Asset ID.

now an empty string but still sent by discord. While discord still send this empty string value we will still have a field here in the library.

◆ available

bool dpp::sticker::available

Optional: whether this guild sticker can be used, may be false due to loss of Server Boosts.

◆ description

std::string dpp::sticker::description

description of the sticker (may be empty)

◆ filecontent

std::string dpp::sticker::filecontent

File content to upload (raw binary)

◆ filename

std::string dpp::sticker::filename

Name of file to upload (when adding or editing a sticker)

◆ format_type

sticker_format dpp::sticker::format_type

type of sticker format

◆ guild_id

snowflake dpp::sticker::guild_id

Optional: id of the guild that owns this sticker.

◆ id

snowflake dpp::sticker::id

The ID of the sticker.

◆ name

std::string dpp::sticker::name

The name of the sticker

◆ pack_id

snowflake dpp::sticker::pack_id

Optional: for standard stickers, id of the pack the sticker is from

◆ sort_value

uint8_t dpp::sticker::sort_value

Optional: the standard sticker's sort order within its pack.

◆ sticker_user

user dpp::sticker::sticker_user

Optional: the user that uploaded the guild sticker.

◆ tags

std::string dpp::sticker::tags

for guild stickers, the Discord name of a unicode emoji representing the sticker's expression. for standard stickers, a comma-separated list of related expressions.

◆ type

sticker_type dpp::sticker::type

The type of sticker

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