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dpp::emoji Class Reference

Represents an emoji for a dpp::guild. More...

#include <emoji.h>

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Public Member Functions

 emoji ()
 Construct a new emoji object. More...
 emoji (const std::string n, const snowflake i=0, const uint8_t f=0)
 Construct a new emoji object with name, ID and flags. More...
virtual ~emoji ()
 Destroy the emoji object. More...
emojifill_from_json (nlohmann::json *j)
 Read class values from json object. More...
std::string build_json (bool with_id=false) const
 Build the json for this object. More...
bool requires_colons () const
 Emoji requires colons. More...
bool is_managed () const
 Emoji is managed. More...
bool is_animated () const
 Emoji is animated. More...
bool is_available () const
 Is available. More...
emojiload_image (const std::string &image_blob, const image_type type)
 Load an image into the object as base64. More...
std::string format () const
 Format to name if unicode, name:id if has id or a:name:id if animated. More...

Public Attributes

std::string name
 Emoji name. More...
snowflake user_id
 User id who uploaded the emoji. More...
uint8_t flags
 Flags for the emoji from dpp::emoji_flags. More...
std::string * image_data
 Image data for the emoji if uploading. More...
snowflake id

Detailed Description

Represents an emoji for a dpp::guild.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ emoji() [1/2]

dpp::emoji::emoji ( )

Construct a new emoji object.

◆ emoji() [2/2]

dpp::emoji::emoji ( const std::string  n,
const snowflake  i = 0,
const uint8_t  f = 0 

Construct a new emoji object with name, ID and flags.

nThe emoji's name
iID, if it has one (unicode does not)
fEmoji flags (emoji_flags)

◆ ~emoji()

virtual dpp::emoji::~emoji ( )

Destroy the emoji object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ build_json()

std::string dpp::emoji::build_json ( bool  with_id = false) const

Build the json for this object.

with_idinclude the id in the JSON
std::string json data

◆ fill_from_json()

emoji & dpp::emoji::fill_from_json ( nlohmann::json j)

Read class values from json object.

jA json object to read from
A reference to self

◆ format()

std::string dpp::emoji::format ( ) const

Format to name if unicode, name:id if has id or a:name:id if animated.

Formatted name for reactions

◆ is_animated()

bool dpp::emoji::is_animated ( ) const

Emoji is animated.

true Is animated
false Is noy animated

◆ is_available()

bool dpp::emoji::is_available ( ) const

Is available.

true Is available
false Is unavailable

◆ is_managed()

bool dpp::emoji::is_managed ( ) const

Emoji is managed.

true Is managed
false Is not managed

◆ load_image()

emoji & dpp::emoji::load_image ( const std::string &  image_blob,
const image_type  type 

Load an image into the object as base64.

image_blobImage binary data
typeType of image
emoji& Reference to self

◆ requires_colons()

bool dpp::emoji::requires_colons ( ) const

Emoji requires colons.

true Requires colons
false Does not require colons

Member Data Documentation

◆ flags

uint8_t dpp::emoji::flags

Flags for the emoji from dpp::emoji_flags.

◆ id

snowflake dpp::managed::id

Unique ID of object

◆ image_data

std::string* dpp::emoji::image_data

Image data for the emoji if uploading.

◆ name

std::string dpp::emoji::name

Emoji name.

◆ user_id

snowflake dpp::emoji::user_id

User id who uploaded the emoji.

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