D++ (DPP)
C++ Discord API Bot Library
Join or switch to the voice channel of the user issuing a command

When a user issues a command you may want to join their voice channel, e.g. in a music bot. If you are already on the same voice channel, the bot should do nothing (but be ready to instantly play audio) and if the user is on a different voice channel, the bot should switch to it. If the user is on no voice channel at all, this should be considered an error. This example shows how to do this.

Please be aware this example sends no audio, but indicates clearly in the comments where and how you should do so.
#include <dpp/dpp.h>
#include <iomanip>
#include <sstream>
int main(int argc, char const *argv[])
/* Setup the bot */
dpp::cluster bot("token", dpp::i_default_intents | dpp::i_message_content); // Privileged intent required to receive message content
/* Use the on_message_create event to look for commands */
bot.on_message_create([&bot, robot, robot_size](const dpp::message_create_t & event) {
std::stringstream ss(event.msg.content);
std::string command;
ss >> command;
/* Switch to or join the vc the user is on. Syntax: .join */
if (command == ".join") {
auto current_vc = event.from->get_voice(event.msg.guild_id);
bool join_vc = true;
/* Check if we are currently on any vc */
if (current_vc) {
/* Find the channel id that the user is currently on */
auto users_vc = g->voice_members.find(event.msg.author.id);
/* See if we currently share a channel with the user */
if (users_vc != g->voice_members.end() && current_vc->channel_id == users_vc->second.channel_id) {
join_vc = false;
/* We are on this voice channel, at this point we can send any audio instantly to vc:
* current_vc->send_audio_raw(...)
} else {
/* We are on a different voice channel. Leave it, then join the new one
* by falling through to the join_vc branch below.
join_vc = true;
/* If we need to join a vc at all, join it here if join_vc == true */
if (join_vc) {
if (!g->connect_member_voice(event.msg.author.id)) {
/* The user issuing the command is not on any voice channel, we can't do anything */
bot.message_create(dpp::message(channel_id, "You don't seem to be on a voice channel! :("));
} else {
/* We are now connecting to a vc. Wait for on_voice_ready
* event, and then send the audio within that event:
* event.voice_client->send_audio_raw(...);
* NOTE: We can't instantly send audio, as we have to wait for
* the connection to the voice server to be established!
/* Start bot */
return 0;
The cluster class represents a group of shards and a command queue for sending and receiving commands...
Definition: cluster.h:447
Represents a guild on Discord (AKA a server)
Definition: guild.h:368
bool connect_member_voice(snowflake user_id, bool self_mute=false, bool self_deaf=false)
Connect to a voice channel another guild member is in.
std::map< snowflake, voicestate > voice_members
Definition: guild.h:399
snowflake id
Unique ID of object set by Discord. This value contains a timestamp, worker ID, internal server ID,...
Definition: managed.h:38
std::function< void(const dpp::log_t &)> DPP_EXPORT cout_logger()
Get a default logger that outputs to std::cout. e.g.
@ i_message_content
Intent for receipt of message content.
Definition: intents.h:64
@ i_default_intents
Default D++ intents (all non-privileged intents)
Definition: intents.h:68
DPP_EXPORT class guild * find_guild(snowflake id)
Create message.
Definition: dispatcher.h:1180
message msg
message that was created (sent).
Definition: dispatcher.h:1189
Represents messages sent and received on Discord.
Definition: message.h:1036
user author
Definition: message.h:1042
snowflake guild_id
Definition: message.h:1040
std::string content
Definition: message.h:1046
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