D++ (DPP)
C++ Discord API Bot Library
REST Calls

Each REST call has a different effect on discord. Each is considered a distinct "command" with a reply. All REST calls take time to complete. Depending on current load, discord latency, and rate limits, they may return almost instantly to the callback function, or may take seconds to complete.

Click each item to find details on the specifics of the call.

dpp::cluster::message_get (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Get a single message

dpp::cluster::messages_get (snowflake, snowflake around, snowflake before, snowflake after, snowflake limit, callback)

Get multiple messages

dpp::cluster::message_create (message, callback)

Send a message (may include embeds, files)

dpp::cluster::message_crosspost (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Crosspost a news message to other servers

dpp::cluster::message_edit (message, callback)

Update a mesage's content (including embeds)

dpp::cluster::message_add_reaction (message, callback)

Add a reaction to a message

dpp::cluster::message_delete_own_reaction (message, callback)

Delete bot's reaction from a message

dpp::cluster::message_delete_reaction (message, snowflake, callback)

Delete another user's reaction from a message

dpp::cluster::message_get_reactions (message, snowflake before, snowflake after, snowflake, callback)

Get all reactions for a message

dpp::cluster::message_delete_all_reactions (message, callback)

Detel all reactions for a message

dpp::cluster::message_delete_reaction_emoji (message, callback)

Delete all reactions for a message that reacted with a particular emoji

dpp::cluster::message_delete (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Delete a message

dpp::cluster::message_delete_bulk (vector<snowflake>, snowflake, callback)

Delete a set of messages

dpp::cluster::channel_get (snowflake c, callback)

Get a channel

dpp::cluster::channels_get (snowflake, callback)

Get all channels for a guild

dpp::cluster::channel_create (channel, callback)

Create a channel

dpp::cluster::channel_edit (channel, callback)

Edit a channel

dpp::cluster::channel_edit_position (channel, callback)

Edit a channel's position in the channel list

dpp::cluster::channel_edit_permissions (channel, snowflake, uint32_t, uint32_t, bool member, callback)

Edit permissions for a channel

dpp::cluster::channel_delete (snowflake, callback)

Delete a channel

dpp::cluster::invite_get (code, callback)

Get an invite for a channel

dpp::cluster::invite_delete (code, callback)

Delete an invite from a channel

dpp::cluster::channel_invites_get (channel, callback)

Get all invites for a channel

dpp::cluster::channel_invite_create (channel, invite, callback)

Create an invite for a channel

dpp::cluster::pins_get (snowflake, callback)

Get pinned messages for a channel

dpp::cluster::gdm_add (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Add user to a group DM

dpp::cluster::gdm_remove (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Remove user from a group DM

dpp::cluster::channel_delete_permission (channel, snowflake, callback)

Delete permission entry from a channel

dpp::cluster::channel_follow_news (channel, snowflake, callback)

Follow a news channel

dpp::cluster::channel_typing (channel, callback)

Indicate to a channel that the bot is typing

dpp::cluster::message_pin (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Pin a message

dpp::cluster::message_unpin (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Unpin a message

dpp::cluster::guild_get (snowflake, callback)

Get a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_get_preview (snowflake, callback)

Get a guild's preview

dpp::cluster::guild_get_member (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Get a guild member

dpp::cluster::guild_get_members (snowflake, callback)

Get all guild members

dpp::cluster::guild_add_member (guild_member, callback)

Add a guild member (requires OAUTH2)

dpp::cluster::guild_edit_member (guild_member, callback)

Edit a guild member

dpp::cluster::guild_set_nickname (snowflake, callback)

Set a guild member's nickname

dpp::cluster::guild_member_add_role (snowflake, snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Add a role to a member of a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_member_delete_role (snowflake, snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Delete a role from a member of a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_member_delete (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Delete (kick!) a guild member

dpp::cluster::guild_ban_add (snowflake, snowflake, uint32_t, callback)

Add a ban for a user

dpp::cluster::guild_ban_delete (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Delete a ban

dpp::cluster::guild_get_bans (snowflake, callback)

Get the ban list

dpp::cluster::guild_get_ban (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Get one ban

dpp::cluster::template_get (code, callback)

Get a guild template

dpp::cluster::guild_create_from_template (code, callback)

Create a guild from a template

dpp::cluster::guild_templates_get (snowflake, callback)

Get all guild templates in a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_template_create (snowflake, callback)

Create a guild template from a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_template_sync (snowflake, callback)

Synchronise a guild template with current settings

dpp::cluster::guild_template_modify (snowflake,, callback)

Modify an existing guild template

dpp::cluster::guild_template_delete (snowflake, callback)

Delete a guild template

dpp::cluster::guild_create (guild, callback)

Create a guild (only applicable for bots on less than 10 guilds)

dpp::cluster::guild_edit (guild, callback)

Edit a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_delete (snowflake, callback)

Delete a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_emojis_get (snowflake, callback)

Get all guild emojis

dpp::cluster::guild_emoji_get (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Get an individual guild emoji

dpp::cluster::guild_emoji_create (snowflake, emoji, callback)

Create a guild emoji

dpp::cluster::guild_emoji_edit (snowflake, emoji, callback)

Edit a guild emoji

dpp::cluster::guild_emoji_delete (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Delete a guild emoji

dpp::cluster::guild_get_prune_counts (snowflake, prune, callback)

Get the calculated counts for a prune (mass kick) operation

dpp::cluster::guild_begin_prune (snowflake, prune, callback)

Begin a guild prune (mass kick) operation

dpp::cluster::guild_get_voice_regions hsnowflake, callback)

Get a list of voice regions applicable to a guild

dpp::cluster::get_guild_invites (snowflake, callback)

Get a list of invites for a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_get_integrations (snowflake, callback)

Get a list of integrations on a guild

dpp::cluster::guild_modify_integration (snowflake, integration, callback)

Modify a guild integration

dpp::cluster::guild_delete_integration (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Delete a guild integration

dpp::cluster::guild_sync_integration (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Sync a guild integration with the guild

dpp::cluster::guild_get_widget (snowflake, callback)

Get the guilds widget settings

dpp::cluster::guild_edit_widget (snowflake, guild_widget, callback)

Modify the guilds widget settings

dpp::cluster::guild_get_vanity (snowflake, callback)

Get a guild's vanity URL if applicable

dpp::cluster::create_webhook (webhook, callback)

Create a webhook

dpp::cluster::get_guild_webhooks (snowflake, callback)

Get a list of all webhooks

dpp::cluster::get_channel_webhooks (snowflake, callback)

Get webhooks for a channel

dpp::cluster::get_webhook (snowflake, callback)

Get a specific webhook

dpp::cluster::get_webhook_with_token (snowflake, callback)

Get a webhook using its access token

dpp::cluster::edit_webhook (webhook, callback)

Edit a webhook

dpp::cluster::edit_webhook_with_token (webhook, callback)

Edit a webhook using its access token

dpp::cluster::delete_webhook (snowflake, callback)

Delete a webhook

dpp::cluster::delete_webhook_with_token (snowflake, callback)

Delete a webhook using its access token

dpp::cluster::execute_webhook (webhook, message, callback)

Execute a webhook, causing it to send a message

dpp::cluster::edit_webhook_message (webhook, message, callback)

Edit a message previously sent by a webhook

dpp::cluster::delete_webhook_message (webhook, snowflake, callback)

Delete a message previously sent by a webhook

dpp::cluster::roles_get (snowflake, callback)

Get all roles for a guild

dpp::cluster::role_create (role, callback)

Create a role on a guild

dpp::cluster::role_edit (role, callback)

Edit a role on a guild

dpp::cluster::role_edit_position (role, callback)

Edit a role's position in the list of roles

dpp::cluster::role_delete (snowflake, snowflake, callback)

Delete a role

dpp::cluster::user_get (snowflake, callback)

Get information on a user

dpp::cluster::current_user_get (callback)

Get the information on the current (bot) user

dpp::cluster::current_user_get_guilds (callback)

Get the information on the current (bot) user's guilds. Does not work if the bot is on over 100,000 guilds.

dpp::cluster::current_user_edit (settings, image_data, image_type, callback)

Change the settings of the current (bot) user

dpp::cluster::current_user_get_dms (callback)

Get the current (bot) user's dm channels

dpp::cluster::create_dm_channel (snowflake, callback)

Create a DM channel

dpp::cluster::current_user_leave_guild (snowflake, callback)

Leave a guild

dpp::cluster::get_voice_regions (callback)

Get a global list of voice regions applicable to all users

dpp::cluster::get_gateway_bot (callback)

Get the information required for a bot to register with the websocket gateway

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